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My woodcarving is chiefly inspired by the work of anonymous carvers of the 12th to 17th centuries who helped build our places of worship without the help of books, magazines, television, and -usually- the ability to read. It may sound like juxtaposition, but I enjoy adding my own contemporary subjects to this atmospheric mix, and introducing satire, comedy, irony, pastiche, personalisation, and opinion to suit my own needs. Techniques have remained unchanged since Medieval times, but I hope to keep the tradition fresh by depicting the issues and players of our time. 

Shropshire and the Welsh Marches have been an inspiration and hugely important part of my life since the early nineties. My involvement in the art world and describing the world around me using various materials and techniques is a fundamental part of who I am. My paintings are an emotional response to what I experience and observe whether walking in the hills around Ludlow, or working from sketches in my studio. They begin as truthful, figurative representations of the location I witness, however loosely, but are really much more about the marks, colours and gestures that I intuitively use, and I am more interested in atmosphere and in the vitality and energy of my chosen materials. Hopefully the paintings hols a strong individual identity as well as echo a particular reality.






1967             Born in Wolverhampton

1985-89      Attended Wolverhampton Polytechnic School of Art & Design.

!989-92       Woodturner in Residence at The Green Wood Trust, Ironbridge. 

                     Made wooden bowls, exhibited widely in galleries across the                                  Midlands and the Marches. Occasional teaching and demonstration

                     of woodturning.


1992            Moved to Ludlow, became interested in Medieval woodcarving in     

                     the, particularly the misericords in St Laurence’s Church, Ludlow.


1994            Taught woodturning at Pen-y-Wern craft school in Clun.

                     Began carving extensively.


1996-99      Worked for master-carver, Ron Hester, including restoration work at 

                     Windsor Castle following fire.


1997             First exhibition of carved work at The Old School, Bleddfa.


1999             Married Tania Waghorn


2000            Major commission: Millenium Tympanum, “The Annunciation” for  

                     Acton Round Church, Bridgnorth.


2000            Daughter Olivia born.


2001             Exhibition of carved pieces at The Drawing Room, Pershore.


2002-04      Self-built home in Richards Castle, Ludlow.


2002            Daughter Lois born.


2000-08     Major commission: a heavily-carved, Romanesque screen for    

                     Wenlock Abbey, Shropshire, with cabinet-maker, Bernard Allen.

2009            Selected to demonstrate at Art In Action, Waterperry Gardens,        


2009           Completed new ‘Florence Laine’ misericord for Leintwardine Church.


2009 &       Selected for Ludlow Summer Exhibition.



2009-11      Major commission: Four 2 metre tall statues: “The Four Apostles”

                    in Romanesque style for Wenlock Abbey.


2010           Woodturning the Oak cluster columns for the Wenlock Abbey                                 library, built by Bernard Allen.


2011-           Teaching Design & Technology p/t at Moor Park School, Ludlow.


2011             Selected to demonstrate at Art In Action.


2012            Second new misericord for Leintwardine: ‘Douglas Griffiths’


2016            Third new misericord for Leintwardine: musical theme.


2017            New misericord for St Laurence’s church, Ludlow, commemorating

                    Queen Elizabeth II



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M: 07746372769

Ludlow, Shropshire, UK